Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Fun

This is Green Legs. We think Green Legs is a rooster.

The humming bird is drinking at my mom's Christmas present.


Robert Hoffman said...

Great pictures David! So, why are you Snakeman - David? My grandson is Jake the Snake, but that is because it rhymes. Robert Hoffman

Patsy Fellows said...

Hey David,
We enjoyed watching you "herding" those chickens last week. You seem to be a pretty good herdsman and it looks as if you are becoming a pretty good photographer too. Your mom must be teaching you well. Mrs. Patsy


Hey David!

We have a hummingbird feeder too. We can't believe you actually got a picture of a hummingbird! They are so fast! Our Mom is having to fill up our feeder twice a week now because they are drinking so much.

Since you are Snakeman we thought we would tell you that we caught two baby snakes in our pool last week. Mom looked them up on the internet and they were not the poison kind. We watched them awhile and let them go back out into the woods. Our cat catches snakes too but she eats them (well everything but the head!)

Our school starts back next week and we'll be in second grade. We are so excited! We'll miss swimming in the pool everyday but it will be good to see all our friends we haven't seen over the summer again.

We like your pictures!

Catch you later,
Laura and Natalie

thad said...

Great photos, David. Is Green Legs is eating watermelon? I agree with Laura and Natalie - you did a great job to get a picture of that hummingbird. We look forward to seeing the next installment! -Thad

Anonymous said...

Hi, David!
We are enjoying watching your life in the country. We miss living there and seeing all of our friends at church each week.Please continue to keep us all posted. Mike and Robyn

Anonymous said...

David, you must really enjoy living in the country with all the wildlife around you and eating all the watermelon you want. Wqw!! Jay

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I've never seen a rooster with green legs. Have his legs always been green?

It's amazing that you were able to catch a picture of the hummingbird with its wings still. Usually, they're in constant motion.

You are learning a lot about nature.

Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Susan

Jenny McGoldrick said...

Hiya David!

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland. I just enjoyed reading your mum's blog and now yours too! I am so glad that you enjoy living in the house and back yard that I grew up in. Are the remenants of our old "hole to China" still in the woods beside the house? Eat some of that watermelon for me, okay?

See you the next time I visit the States.

Jenny McGoldrick

Sandy said...

Hi David, welcome to the world of blogging - Great pictures here.

Lisa Reed said...

Wow! You did a good job getting that little guy to pose for you, David! Nice photo!