Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Post

Hi, my name is David Brasher and this is my first post.

I am eating a watermelon from our garden. It was good.


Kathy said...

Yummy!!!!! I like this picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Glad to see someone can grow watermelons. We have never been successful at that. It looks just yummy! See you later.

Papa said...

Hey David,

Your blog looks great, Buddy! Good job.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Marianne, and I am a member of The Huntsville Artist League, where you grandmother shows art. Your mom sent me this link.I have a question: How did you know when your watermelon was ripe? I have quite a few in my garden, and I suspect that one will be ready soon.

Anonymous said...

Yo David, looks like you are eating a really good watermelon. It's fun to grow something and then be able to eat it.
Have fun with Papa this weekend!
Love, Boshka and Deshka

VAZ said...

Hi David,

My name is Virginia. I have been friends with your Mom and Dad for almost as long as they have been married. However, I live in Bonaire, Georgia, now. This past April, I planted my very first garden--ever! Watermelon, tomatoes, okra, corn, squash, broccolli, pole beans, chard and canteloupe are growing in my garden. So far, I have only harvested squash, corn, and beans. Hopefully, I will have lots of tomatoes in the next week. Then I will make Tomatoe Pie!!!!

Miss Virginia

Anonymous said...

Hey David!

Wow - we love watermelon - looks like you were enjoying it! Hope to see more pictures and writing from you soon.

Mr. Larry, Mrs. Jeanna and Matthew

Anonymous said...

From The Stablers in Alaska,
Greetings from the Far North. They don't have watermelon, peas and corn in their gardens up here. Yesterday we saw fox, buffalo, a bear, moose, wild goats and sheep. I like your blog!
Mrs. Deborah

Anonymous said...

Hi David!
Looks like a great watermelon and that you were really enjoying it!
Can't wait to get to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Hello from your friends to the north (Chambers County north),

We enjoyed the blog. Keep it going!!With gas prices as they are it is nice to see what is going on south of us when we can't visit!

That watermelon looks delicious. Mr. Greg would say, "The only bad watermelon is no watermelon at all!" Mrs. Angela

Anonymous said...

HI David, I think "Green legs" looks like a rooster instead of a hen. Do you know what kind of a chicken it is? Are you getting any eggs from your other chickens? We get about 6-7 eggs a day. We have some young hens that will probably start laying eggs in the fall when they are around 25 weeks old. We have 15 hens total now and one big happy rooster.
That is a great picture with the humming bird. They usually fly so fast that it is hard to take a picture of them. Have you ever tried to sit real still with sugar water in a container to see if the hummingbirds will come and drink out of your hands? I have never tried that, but I have seen pictures of people doing that and I think it would be very cool to have the hummingbirds that close.
Have a great day and keep taking those pictures and posting on your blog. I love to read about what you are doing. Sharon Hornbuckle

Anonymous said...

Hi David, we enjoyed seeing your new entries on your blog!
Did you take the photographs?
Love, Boshka and Deshka

VAZ said...


Mr Green Legs is quite handsome. My friend raises chickens. He tells me stories about his mean rooster. Some other animals have killed some of his chickens. A bobcat ate a few. Then a hawk swooped down and snatched a couple of chickens. The bobcat is gone but the hawk hangs around watching for a chance to grab another one. My friend has put a net over the chicken yard to protect them from the hawk. Do you have trouble keeping your chickens safe?

Miss Virginia

DMFS said...

Your Blog looks great, David! We are in KY now, with our friends the Brantlys. Hawks ate all their Guinnis (birds a little like chickens).


derita burke said...

David, you make me want to go out and eat a big fat slice of sweet juicy watermelon. looks so good! And you look very happy and satisfy. Keep on having fun! God bless you, David. Mrs. DeRita